Forty Before Forty

indSo far, this life of mine has been quite a ride! Some memories are beginning to feel like a different life all together. There has been so much growth, so much loving, so much forgiving and I am feeling deep, deep gratitude for all the wisdom I’ve gained along the way. Actually, what surprised me the most, is that for the first time in a long long time, I can honestly say that I am grateful for all of it. No regrets. No grudges. 

Thirty-six has me looking ahead and forty feels very real. I remember being a teenager and thinking that  I would never be my parents age. Do you remember believing that you would always stay the same? That you would never be older like “them”? Oh, the sweet innocence! Oh, don’t mistake my looking ahead  for dread. I am not afraid of aging, I do, however; have a slight fear of living a dull life. See, my wish is to love hard, to experience the thrill of feeling alive, to give back, to age with grace, and I wish to make this World a better place than I found it in the day I was born.

When my husband mentioned making a list to keep my visions alive, a forty before forty list, I thought it was a brilliant idea, and so this post was born.  The hardest part about making this list, was keeping it attainable within a four year timeline and not to use it as a bucket list (that will probably be another post… 100 for 100??!).

So, what do I wish to do and experience on my way to 40 ?

1. Read / listen to minimum 10 books per year-  I am a learning junkie and I  got to get my fix. 

2. Teeth love – get me those braces that I have been putting  off for way too long.

3. Visit Peru- again – My trip to Peru was such a profound experience that I feel called to go back for more.

4. Learn Spanish and French – Studies show that learning new languages helps your brain stay young. My reward aside from speaking two other languages?  A trip to Paris and Barcelona of course.

5. Buy our first home – my husband and I  have been deciding  where to plant our roots. The city or the country? East or West Coast? Stay tuned to find out.

6. Take lessons from a plant based chef –  over the years, my husband and I have created more than one books’ worth of delicious plant based recipes, but as with anything, there is always more to learn.

7. Go swimming with dolphins – I cannot bring myself to visit zoos or dolphin parks or anything that holds animals in captivity, unless it is a sanctuary. So this will be an open ocean adventure.

8. Week-long, yearly yoga immersions – a must. My yoga practice is a priority in my life and the immersions help me to dive deeper into my Self.

9. Go skinny dipping in the ocean again- freedom anyone? The first time I experienced this I was in Tulum, under a clear blue sky and sunshine.  I am daydreaming about it as I type. Can- not – wait to do it again.

10. Hike Mount Katahdin (the tallest mountain in Maine)- A few years ago, my husband and I hiked Mount Washington, NH (the highest mountain in New England) and hiking up together was a symbolic experience for both of us. Our climbing shoes are ready again!

11. Adopt a puppy – I have a feeling that my husband and I will pick up the pup the same day we move into our new home.

12. Have baby #2 – I cannot wait for us to welcome our next Angel!

13. Continue to grow the community and write here at OmSheLife –  Stay for a while Subscribe here

14. Write and publish a book- confession – Two years ago I was approached by an editor and I was under contract to write a book. I let that dream go because I wasn’t able to commit at that time,. Now whether I go back to the same editor or publish it on my own, it will happen.

15. Get a tattoo – I know where on my body and i know what it is going to be . Follow me on instagram to find out soon!

16. Create less waste- once upon a time, I was focusing on creating less trash but then baby came, well, that idea was momentarily trashed!  I want to create a solid system for my family so it will be easier to maintain a minimum-waste lifestyle even when life gets jam-packed. Environment, I got your back!

17. Serve Thanksgiving meals to homeless people – This is an experience I look forward to, I also love the idea of possibly making this a family tradition.

18.  Decide between New England and California living

19. Spend a summer in Europe 

20. An adult only get away every year –  to grow as a couple  and to be good parents we need a good connection to each other. It’s important to nurture our relationship away from our little one even if we get away for only one night.

21. Dance every day – since our tiny dancer has been born we have not had a dance-free day. It is my new belief that there should never be a dance-free day.

22. Swim in the ocean every year – No exception. 

23. Experience a hot tub in the middle of a snowy landscape – It has always looked so good in the movies. I have got to try it. 

24. Take archery lessons – I have a deep love for bow and arrows that I have not fully explored yet.

25. Participate in a sweat lodge ceremony –  The people that I know that have done it describe it as a cleanse for both the physical and emotional body. Sign me up!

26. Yearly girls getaway – no explanation here. Girls just want to have fun! 

27. Eat at a Michelin rated vegan restaurant – so it turns out that there isn’t one yet. I found the next best thing which is the top ten USA michelin recommended  vegan restaurants, and it turns out that I already have dined at four of them and they were all impressive! I am going to eat up the rest of the list!

28. Donate blood – Ok, I have been wanting to do this, but the truth is I despise needles…I truly, truly don’t like needles. However, after seeing a loved one’s quality of life improve because of blood transfusions, I am committed to contributing to the blood banks. Wish me luck!

29. Support humanity-  I know this is a bit broad. But like never before, especially with all that is happening in the USA, I am committed to doing all I can do to support all of the human kind to rise and speak out when there is injustice.

30. Commit to mindful living. Mindful of the environment, mindful about relationships and mindful about society. 

31. Write a letter to each person that has influenced me and helped me along my journey- I cannot wait to put pen to paper for some heartfelt thank yous!

32. Take pole dancing classes….why not up the sensuality, eh?

33. And speaking of sensuality, a boudoir photo shoot 

34. Race a car – yes, I love the sound of a good engine and the feel of speeding away in a fast car. It puzzles me , but somehow this is part of my personality. 

35. Go to a nightclub or an outdoor rave – It has been years since I danced to the sounds of tribal house by a good DJ. I want more.

36. Say more ‘yeses”  to the things that bring me joy. Yes!

37. Go to concerts – I would love to see Adele, Pink, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay.

38. Have an herb garden, veggie garden and fruit trees- ok, maybe I am leaning towards a country home. Or am I?

39. Be extra assertive- since becoming a mama my time has become as precious as life itself. Do you feel me mamas? No more people pleasing and walking on eggshells with family or friends. “No” is as important as “Yes” when it comes to living life empowered.

40. Celebrate! – I have been growing, achieving, giving, sharing, and instead of celebrating I have always focused on the “what do I need to do next”. You are going to see some good celebrations happening up in my instagram and Facebook feed!

What have you been putting off? What are some of the things you are wanting to do in your years ahead?

Share with me in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “Forty Before Forty

    1. Hi Terrin, yes setting goals is a must. Thank you for the luck, I am already checking a few items off in the next few weeks 😉 thank you for being here!

  1. I’d love to be able to speak enough french to get by in france. I think it will be one of my goals to do before I am 40 too. Some really great things here, and some new ideas to add to my bucket list!

    1. Hi Sarah!! Yes!! I am happy you are joining me in the French speaking challenge. France here we come! I am glad you got inspired by my list, maybe I will be reading your bucket list soon? 😉 Thank you for coming here!

    1. Hi Jobie!! Yes, he is a sweet genius 😉 Thank you for the encouragement and thank you for joining me here!

  2. Great list — and you just made me think for the first time (I’m 31) that 40 will be the next big birthday. And though it seems far off, it will come quickly as like always does.

    1. Hi Lora! Yes, nine years is a long time, but that only means that you could make an extra ambitious list! Thank you joining me here

    1. Thank you Danielle! Yay! Go and get that first tattoo and work your way up to what your heart wants 😉

  3. What a fun list and great idea! The language thing has been on my list time and time again. I need to find some native speakers that will speak to me so I can practice and see if I’m as good as my phone app suggests haha!

  4. The best part about your list is how achievable they actually are! Some simple but life enhancing things on there! Read more, enjoy nature more and celebrate more. If not now then when. If not you then who eh!

  5. I love your goals!
    Similarly, I started a 101 things in 1,001 days for the sole purpose I make excuses for not doing what I want. It’s a great way to keep things in perspective and remember there are things you want too. Good luck, I hope you get and achieve everything on your list and more!

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