Ready For Postpartum

During my first pregnancy, I really focused on the birth, with this second pregnancy I am focusing on the postpartum time. When I brought my girl home from the hospital two and a half years ago, I had NO IDEA what to expect from my body, from our new life or how to breastfeed. My husband and I didn’t have help (aka – the village)  or any clue as to what to do and how to do it –  we survived, but it was rough for a long while.


This time I am set to thrive, how do I know for sure? I am educating myself and the first book I would recommend to any expectant mama is The Fourth Trimester By Kimberly Ann Johnson , I would seriously just hand this book out to any mama walking in to the doctors office, I would actually hand copies out to the doctors as well with a, ” I wish I would have known all of this in my first pregnancy, read and spread this needed knowledge to the next mama.” Women’s Health, especially post-birth, should never be undermined or brushed off.

A good companion to the above book is The First Forty Days: The essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother by Heng Ou This book is filled with nourishing recipes and methods to care for the new mama. It mixes both Eastern and Western views and practices, it’s a jewel!

This third book is a pretty raw memoir of a mama and her postpartum journey, much of which I related to, which felt great as it helped me not to feel so lonely. I wouldn’t recommend it to the first time mama, but an experienced mama might get a chuckle and a good cry from reading this book.  Body Full of Stars by Molly Caro May

Enjoy the reads and I am here if you have any questions!!










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