Fit Pregnancy Journey

This second pregnancy has been completely different than my first! This time, I have been able to focus on fitness and here you will find exactly what I have been doing to keep strong in mind, body, and spirit while gaining less weight and keeping sanity as my belly expands and I chase my toddler girl around in circles!

My first time around, while carrying my girl, my body felt tired ALL the time. The most I could do were long leisurely walks and gentle yoga. Looking back I feel as if I slept through the whole pregnancy, yikes! I was calm and loved meditating and journaling. I enjoyed every kick, every little movement and I was in complete awe that I was creating life. The foods I craved the most, eggs and plums are now, in fact, my little girls’ favorite foods. Maybe my own little indulgences now and then for Pad Thai or the occasional vegan ice cream (if you are in Boston you have got to try FOMU, so good) played into the 50+lbs I gained, but I didn’t regret or feel self-conscious of any one ounce of it. Daily, I listened to my body’s needs. I knew that laying around and binge-watching Jane the Virgin and Friends reruns for hours on end was not my norm and that true health begins by listening and staying attuned to what the body needs, and if my body was signaling me to sleep, I did just that, sleep. In the end, I had a beautiful birth, and a healthy 7.9-pound, 21-inch baby girl who is the light of my world. Looking back, I had a beautiful first-time as an expectant mom. I’m grateful for every second of it, even the challenging times, but I especially loved the end result.

As I look down at my growing belly, I’m reminded that this is a completely different experience. Where the first time around I was exhausted, now I feel energized. What a blessing, as this time around I’m chasing around a super-energized tot!  Right away I felt the need to sweat and started jogging in my first trimester. Those who know me, know that I am, NOT a cardio lover, especially my man, to say he was perplexed as I tied my running shoes and headed out the door, is an understatement! My pre-second-pregnancy exercise routines consisted of sweaty yoga classes, weightlifting, Pilates, and short stints of cardio, but never jogging. I took this newfound energy as an opportunity to make this second pregnancy as fitness-oriented as possible.

I went through my On Demand workout app ( Ask me about it!), and I chose the programs that target and strengthen the muscles that are key to having a healthy and strong pregnancy and that help with the birthing and the post-partum recovery (it so happened that some of these circuits are the ones that helped me fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans the first time around!) I created a “vitality pregnancy schedule” for myself. Here is what it looked like:

Pregnancy Vitality Schedule – workouts range from  28 minutes to 1 hour x day

First Trimester – Weeks 10-23

Between week 13 and 14 I took about eight days of rest. I caught the most horrible cough and I couldn’t sleep at night. Phew! That was a doozie!

Day1 – Jog 2 miles

Day 2 –  PIYO Define Upper Body and Piyo Core

Day 3 – Jog 2 miles

Day 4- PIYO Buns Sculpt and/or PIYO drench

Day 5 – Jog 3 miles and  Piyo Core

Day 6 – Advanced Yoga Flow

Day 7 – Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra


During these weeks, I  found the most amazing Belly Band to help me with comfort during my workouts. I NEED to share it with you because it is such a game changer. It’s like a sports bra for my growing belly! I linked below but if you have more questions about it, ask away 😉 

Bao Bei Maternity Sports Band


Second Trimester – Week 23 – 29

Day 1 – Jog 2 miles outdoors

Day 2 – Active Maternity- 2nd Trimester- Get Strong

Day 3- Jog 2 miles outdoors

Day 4- Piyo Buns Sculpt and/or  Yoga Booty Ballet

Day 5 – Jog 2 miles outdoors and/ or Piyo Drench

Day 6- Active Maternity- 2nd Trimester- Get Strong and/or Second Trimester Yoga

Day 7- Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra


At this point, I put my yoga teaching on pause and finished up with my coaching clients. I was beginning to feel the slowdown and I really want to enjoy time with my family of three before welcoming our fourth Musketeer. Now that I am in my third trimester, I started re-listening to my favorite hypnobirthing meditations to prep for the big arrival –I am a big fan of the hypnobirthing training and frequent chiropractor visits at this time. I feel as if these two elements really helped me have an amazing birth the first time around, plus, I find that hypnobirthing and the chiropractor help with the body’s discomfort, doubts, and worries that inevitably pop up as an expectant mama.


Week 10 – Week 36

Third Trimester – Week 29– Week 37 ( Three weeks away from the due date!)

Day 1- Fast walk 2 miles + hypnobirthing meditation

Day 2- Active Maternity- Third-trimester workout – Getting ready + hypnobirthing meditation

Day 3 – Fast walk 2 miles + hypnobirthing meditation

Day 4- Piyo Bun Sculp and/or Yoga Booty Ballet + hypnobirthing meditation

Day 5 – 2-3 Mile walk Outdoors + hypnobirthing meditation

Day 6 – Third Trimester Yoga and/or Third-trimester workout – Getting ready + hypnobirthing meditation

Day 7 – Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra + hypnobirthing meditation

I am still feeling strong, although I am beginning to feel some discomfort, especially at night. My cravings have remained all protein-based since the beginning, no pad Thai this time around! At first, I wanted hamburgers for every meal. As soon as I realized my body was simply craving protein, I discovered satisfying and protein-rich meals that fit the bill. And after adding in absurd amounts of juicy tomatoes, my growing belly feels satisfied. My indulgences this time around are pizza (with extra, extra sauce) and of course my favorite vegan ice cream remains a staple. I also added a chocolate superfoods shake that has kept my sweet cravings at bay. It’s so tasty…well, of course, it is.. chocolate addict right here!  I started this pregnancy at the same weight as my first, and so far I am projected to be 18 pounds lighter than my first pregnancy.

Undoubtedly being active has been a big part of the difference in weight gain, but I want to emphasize that this is not the reason I embarked on my pregnancy-fitness journey. I did it because it felt good, it kept me sane, and I continue because it’s keeping me strong. I relish the idea that I can get stronger quicker after the birth to be present for both of my kiddos. With the slow down of a newborn, my toddler will need me as well this time around.

During my first pregnancy, this workout schedule would not have been ideal. So, pregnant or not, you have to listen to your body, even more so you have to be curious about your body.  During pregnancy, take on only exercises that work with your body and help you strengthen the right muscles and help to avoid and minimize core and pelvic floor injuries.

Whatever stronger and healthier means for you, do whatever is in your power to achieve just that. It’s not always going to look the same as your previous pregnancy or like other women’s pregnancies, and that’s OK. What is important is to check in and be curious about our bodies and ourselves.

Pregnancy and motherhood seem to bring out many strong opinions, I respect that we all have different views, please respect that this is an  ONLY  positive vibes zone. If you have any questions in regards to my fit pregnancy experience and tools contact me here or comment below and let’s chat!




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