Welcome to OmSheLife, a blog that I launched to do more than just to document my life, my plant-based recipes, and my daily musings that come from being a woman, a wife, and a first-time stay-at-home mama. For me, it goes deeper.

The purpose of this blog is to connect with you and create a community of women and moms who are passionate about raising consciousness in our everyday lives. This is a place where I can have candid, intimate conversations with you every chance I get and tell stories that I hope will provide light and inspiration in your lives. The purpose of this blog is to help you see that no matter what your circumstances or stories are, there’s beauty to be acknowledged.

If you love herbal chai almond lattes, plant-based whole foods, raw chocolate truffles (or any kind of dark chocolate), yoga, and dancing around the house, we are kindred souls. Even if you don’t, there’s still a good chance we can be good friends.

If you love being a mama, need inspiration, have a hidden desire to shift to a plant-based lifestyle, or want to deeply nurture yourself, your loved ones, and your space, put your feet up and stay a while. If you love like crazy, wish for a better world for your little ones, and want to live in a way that helps you live out your passions, you will feel right at home here at OmSheLife.


Hi, I am Diandra. I am first and foremost a woman, a wife, and a new mama. I am a plant-based foodie and a “functional” chef. Those around me know me as a decluttering and party planning maven, an authentic yoga instructor, holistic health coach who knows how to cut through excuses, and a straightforward, loving friend. I have been known to let out my inner pop star in front of the mirror on occasion and to experiment with real-food face masks. Yes, I put food on my face.  I am shamelessly open about my chocolate addiction. Meditation is a must for me, and I have a not-so-secret love affair with traveling and immersing myself in cultures and traditions. I am a learning junkie, and teaching has been my soul’s calling since I was an itty-bitty girl.


Now it’s time to get vulnerable.

I was born in Boston, but I was raised in southern Italy (Ciao!! Si, io parlo italiano). My family lived off the land, growing tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, cucumbers, corn, garlic, peppers, herbs, grapes, cherries, figs, kiwis, strawberries, persimmons and more. Eating “seasonal” wasn’t a fad or a fancy dinner destination—it was just a way of life. From tomato sauce in the summer to wine in the fall, we had different things to pick and new things to make every season.

In the summer of 2002, this country girl decided to move to the big city (it’s a total cliché, right? But it’s true). I thought I had worked out all the pros and cons of the big move. I thought about the language barrier, the adventure, the lack of friends, the freedom, missing my family, and the boundless opportunities. But what didn’t cross my mind was the food shock. The grocery store was about the size of my hometown’s piazza (that’s what Italians call the center of town) and it had aisles and aisles of packaged food options. Outside the grocery store, there were fast food restaurants and coffee shops every few steps. Growing up, we had three restaurants, and we shared them with another town. To me, this was love at first bite—until my body literally became fed up.


“To me, this was love at first bite—until my body literally became fed up.” 


I gained an unhealthy amount of weight. My clear skin became blemished with acne. I began to hate my body, and it didn’t help that as a social drinker, I was becoming a little too social, if you know what I mean. In desperately trying to fit in, I lost myself.


“In desperately trying to fit in, I lost myself.”


Everyone has a rock bottom, and this was mine.Looking in the mirror, I no longer knew who I was. At that point, I knew it was time to take positive action and this is when I embarked on a profound journey back to wholeness. During that time of healing, I left my seven-year long teaching career and I went back to school to study nutrition. I became a certified nutrition and holistic lifestyle coach, and I studied yoga and its roots. I met the most amazing mentors, teachers, and friends. I traveled to exotic places and met shamans and healers and learned some of their ways and philosophies. I began to learn that true healing happens from the inside out.


“I began to learn that true healing happens from the inside out.”


In 2012 I was again called to teaching, but instead of teaching children this time, I felt inspired to help women find their own way, just like I did. This is how my career began and it has been evolving ever since. OmSheLife is a natural continuum of my journey to serve.


My muse(s)

I met my soulmate in 2004, and I married him in a celebration of our love under a starry sky in 2009. I gave birth to our little goddess in 2016.

Becoming a mama has re-awakened my strong desire to become the best version of myself and to help this world be a better place for her and for all. Also, having a girl has made me realize the urgency of us as women to embrace our whole selves and the importance to gain empowerment by educating ourselves on how to truly nourish and nurture our bodies and our lives from the inside out.

Learning to be a mama and continuing my evolution toward becoming my best self are lifelong commitments. They are both messy and intense, and they involve as many tears as they do smiles along with all the feels in between. My hopes are that I can share this journey with you and that what I have learned and what I will learn will affect your life for the better.



The name OmSheLife represents the oneness of us all. We are in this life together, and there is power in connecting and supporting each other as we travel on our journeys. “OM” is a symbol from the Hindu tradition that is chanted in most yoga classes. As many ancient symbols, OM has many meanings, but for this space I will talk about the sound, (A-U-M), which when chanted is a sound of union, it aligns our minds, bodies and Spirits and unites us to one another. It aligns us with all that exists that we can see and beyond. Oneness. We are together as one on this journey as SHE. Living in our female bodies in this time and space where there is stigma, judgment, and impositions, SHE is taking back our power.   As “SHE”, we naturally crave to nurture and nourish others. We are the nurturer of this planet and the human race. By nature, we are sensual and expressive creatures. It is our work to expose our gifts in this life. “LIFE”-This is our current time and space. The ups, the downs, the lessons learned, the lessons to be learned, the growth and the intentions. How do we live our best feminine-unified life? We support, educate and lift each other up, for us, for our little ones, and for the world. OmSheLife