Private lessons allow you to set specific intentions, such as personal goals for flexibility, strength and meditation. Private yoga lessons are a great way to start your yoga practice in a more solid footing before you join group yoga sessions and they can also provide intensive training and exclusive attention and modifications for  injuries and pregnancy.  In these sessions, Diandra will join you in your space or via Skype and listen to your wishes and concerns and will tailor your yoga sessions to your personal and unique desires and life experiences.

Interested in a public class with Diandra? Join her Sunday Morning Slow Flow class at 8:30am at Majestic Yoga Studio in Cambridge, MA

I’ve been attending Diandra’s classes (slow flow, hatha, restorative) for two  years now. She is a warm and generous spirit who creates a safe and serene environment for her students, always attentive to special needs, injuries or situations. I appreciate the opportunity to challenge myself in her classes, but also to rest and respect my own energy levels. I always enter her classes with anticipation and leave them feeling restored and strengthened. I especially enjoy her early morning class on Sundays, where she combines deep stretching with energy-building poses, and plenty of opportunity for stillness, breathing, and introspection.
Diandra is deeply respectful of her students’ needs, their intrinsic knowledge, and their individual processes. Her classes, as a result, are inclusive, encouraging, and supportive. I can’t wait to take her next class!

Dr. Sue Cook Belmont, MA

Classes with Diandra are always an enjoyable and invigorating experience. Her classes offer an opportunity to challenge yourself, but to also feel really connected between your mind and body. Diandra is great at setting a fun and playful tone for classes, offering the opportunity to explore different poses in a non-competitive and light hearted manner. Her classes are great for people who look for a challenging, strength-building exercise, but also a safe space to go for an uplifting experience.

Sarah Abraham, Harvard Law Student Cambridge, MA

Diandra is an exceptional Yoga Instructor. Her kind, loving, compassionate nature along with her deep knowledge of yoga is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Not only is she an expert at explaining each pose so that I was able to make adjustments in ways I’ve never been able to before, but she also creates and holds space in such a way that my breathing, my body, and my heart all felt completely aligned…once again in ways I’ve never before experienced.

Diandra is extremely passionate about teaching and is equally passionate about her own practice which is another reason why she’s an amazing instructor. Diandra walks the walk. She’s the yoga instructor that everybody only dreams they could have. If you are fortunate enough to take classes, have private session, or enjoy a retreat with Diandra you will enjoy life changing and enhancing transformation.

Aline Rozok, CEO San Diego, CA

The combination of competence, confidence and caring makes you feel extremely grateful after you have attended her session. Your body feels integrated with your mind and physically stretched and challenged just enough.

Joyce Klein, Clinical Social Worker Cambridge, MA

One of the best aspects of class with Diandra is her ability to find a perfect blend of challenging, rigorous flow and deep relaxation. Practicing with Diandra is truly exercise for the mind, body and soul.

I began practicing with Diandra in February of this year, and was immediately drawn to her warm, welcoming personality. Before class, she asked my name, how long I have been practicing, and what I look for in a good yoga class. She’s very good at remembering names and the other little things about people (one week, I came to her with some serious shoulder pain, and she remembered to ask about it to see if I would need modifications the following).

If you want a challenging practice that will both rejuvenate and relax with a sweet, warm personality, Diandra is your girl!

Bethany Tremblay, Middle School Teacher Brookline, MA

Of the many yoga teachers I’ve had over the years, Diandra is, by far, one of the very best. She teaches yoga in a very peaceful, supportive and effective way. Her classes are just the right mix of ease and effort, always benefiting the whole body and mind. Each time I leave her class, I feel stronger, balanced, refreshed and filled with Joy. Diandra is truly gifted and I am so grateful to be her student!

Dawn Messer, Chief Mama, Newton, MA

Soon into my first class with Diandra, I was at ease and swept into the experience. After this first class, I looked forward to the next and have since become a regular! Diandra’s peaceful and gentle presence adds to her talent as a teacher. Her arrangement of poses flows so well to create the perfect balance of deep relaxation and challenge. I appreciate that she uses music throughout the class which helps me stay focused on the poses and breathing, and keeps my mind from wandering. I leave her class feeling calm and renewed, and with a state of mindfulness that stays with me. Diandra is just wonderful!!

Lara Adams, Director at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

I’ve really enjoyed taking classes with Diandra over the past two years. She’s very friendly and encourages her students to push themselves and explore their practice in new ways. I always look forward to her classes. She is a very genuine and talented instructor and I would encourage anyone to practice with her.

Briana Roy, Harvard Student Cambridge, MA

We, a middle-aged daughter and her mother, decided to try yoga together for the first time. We chose a “gentle yoga” class in a nearby studio. Diandra was a wonderful teacher for both of us — understanding, encouraging, and fully accepting of our limitations and inexperience. She’s imaginative and varies the routine well within the rhythm of the class (90 minutes). She was also flexible and offered options to her yogi (more or less “fire”), creating a very calm atmosphere.

She focused on different areas of the body in each class, and was clear about how we were supposed to feel. We learned from her that yoga is about health, but also about developing an understanding that the spiritual and the physical are fully entwined. Diandra is very friendly and very seemly at the same time! We have been grateful for her teaching.

Judith Seizer, SVP at Brandies University Cambridge, MA

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and practicing with Diandra for about a year now, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. When I met her, I still considered myself a fledgling yogi, having attended a number of classes, but never settled in with a particular studio or teacher. Diandra has a unique practice that I feel contributes to the Boston yoga community in a invaluable way. Don’t be fooled by her spiritually oriented classes, because you still get an amazing body workout!

Sarah Flynn, Marketing Professional, London, UK

Diandra has a way of putting people at ease both in body, mind, and spirit. Every class with her is a wonderful experience and I leave as if I’m floating on a cloud. She’s a perfect instructor if you’re looking to either challenge yourself or build a steady practice in a class with a relaxing, supportive, and friendly environment.

Kim Nakamura, Literary Agent, Brookline, MA

I find Diandra’s classes so rewarding both physically and mentally. Her classes feel very flowing and thoughtful, I look forward and enjoy coming every week. I highly recommend joining and experience the movement, the music and the kindness that she brings with her.

Hadar Rubinstein, Chief Mama, Israel